IRC, International Water and Sanitation Centre
    (En-Fr; reports, newsletters, website texts, studies)

HAP international, Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
    (En-Fr, various reports)

Van Dale (participation in Dutch-French dictionary)

Michelin (Fr-Nl; travel guides)

Berlitz (En-Fr; travel guides)

ACSI (Nl-Fr; camping website texts)

Galerie West (Nl-Fr en Fr-Nl; art exhibition texts)

▸ Tyrion publishers (Fr-Nl, book on Rosycrucianism)

▸ Taschen publishers (Nl-Fr; part of Letterfontein, book on typography)

▸ Le Manuscrit publishers (Fr-Nl; Aller simple au Paradis, novel)

Ministry of Social Affairs (Nl-Fr; minister's speeches)

MGE UPS-systems (Nl-Fr; press releases)

Scamark (Fr-Nl; audit report)

SER (Nl-Fr; reports)

Vanofleur (Nl-Fr; correspondence)

Samsung (Nl-Fr; FAQ's)

Ehrm-vision (Nl-Fr; assessment method website texts)

Respect Cleaning Products (Nl-Fr; instructions for disinfectants)

Other (cookbooks, description of historical buildings, art catalogues,
   agreements, general terms and conditions, biological research results,          CD-Rom texts, Wikipedia texts, website texts, articles for Marie-Claire
   and L'Officiel, software instructions, etc.)